Radical Heart Space

A Network to Support Authentic & Cooperative Relating for More Intentional Community

Only together can we can create a more peaceful, cooperative world
— inside and out.

We become interested in and create intentional, collaborative communities and collectives to find a level of connection, support, belonging, contribution, and fulfillment that is undermined by the neocolonial, individualistic, competitive culture of supremacy spreading across the globe.

What we soon realize is that in order to create the authentic, conscious, cooperative relationships and culture we long for, we must rise to a radical level of self-connection, self-compassion, and self-responsibility.

Join the Network to explore key themes with others walking the path of Conscious Relating:
  • Authenticity & Self-Expression
  • Autonomy & Responsibility
  • Conflict & Negotiation
  • Healing & Reconciliation
  • Privilege & Oppression
  • Shame & Belonging
  • Trust & Vulnerability

Community calls us to become
our best selves.

Conflict escalates when we aren't able to effectively communicate and collaborate to meet our needs and shared values.

Untended relational tensions and injuries slowly weaken — or suddenly tear —the social fabric of trust that holds relationships and community together.

Oppressive power dynamics inherited from centuries of white colonial patriarchy undermine the cooperative, liberatory culture of peace we long for.

Join us on this free, private, social-media-distraction-free platform.

This support network is for folks interested or engaged in intentional, collaborative communities and/or collectives as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation — socially, politically, ecologically, and/or spiritually.

This includes but is not limited to folks currently, previously, or interested in engaging in:

  • Collective homes, housing cooperatives, organized neighborhoods
  • Ecovillages, communes, rural and urban cohousing
  • Spiritual communities, retreat center communities, movement houses
  • Cooperative workspaces, collective leadership circles

Bring your questions, your insights, your frustrations, your celebrations, your gifts, your vulnerabilities... and let's learn with and support one another!

Why not use a Facebook group, you may ask?

If you're like me, you have a complicated relationship with FB and prefer to not spend much time there. There is so much noise on FB competing for our attention that I wanted to create a space that is truly private and focused.

There are no ads, no clutter, and no competing with FB algorithms to have other members see your posts. 

You can access the intuitively formatted platform on your desktop or using the native mobile app. You can adjust your notifications for as many or few reminders and call-ins as you want. 

Plus, as I create courses and in-depth support groups, it'll all be through this platform, making it a seamless experience for you to connect, learn, and grow with us!

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

In community,

💕 Teri Lynn Grunthaner, MA

Conscious Relating Coach, Expressive Therapist, & Transformative Mediator

teri (at) radical-hearts (dot) com
IG @radical.hearts